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A cardiac event is a wake-up call.

The body mirrors everything that happens within us, within our souls and hearts. Science and practice have proven again and again that addressing and treating the mental and emotional factors constitute a necessity and they complement the complete healing process of the convalescent patient. We recommend all the convalescent patients to regard the event they underwent as a life-altering event, that will enable them to open up towards a deep physical, mental-emotional therapy process and hence embark on a new path.

Laor Paz-Noy-Rosen, a senior body and soul therapist at the Heart Center, in charge of the Body and Soul Program of the Center: “The program at the Medical Care Heart Center is unique and exclusive, the first of its kind in Israel. The program is designated to award the patients an experience of relaxation, respite, a quiet space for introspection, and provide of a box of skills and proficiencies that will assist them in the future in all areas of life. The workshops and the lectures were designed to perfectly match convalescent cardiac patients and their objective is to provide essential information and teach fundamental facts regarding the health of their bodies and souls – about the connection between the disease and their bodies, emotions and souls. The workshops, the personal encounters, the lectures and the individual treatments enable a work process of internal research and revelation, coping with personal problems and finding solutions that free oneself from difficulties, behavioral patterns and fixations that obstruct and make things more difficult”. We recommend to arrive to the workshops with an open mind, flexible thinking and a real desire to instigate change. In the event that you were not able to define your problem clearly, remain calm and absolutely certain! Our skilled and dedicated staff will assist you to achieve clarity when selecting the topic on which you will be working during the process.

The Heart Center constitutes a supportive and containing environment, so you will be able to be assisted by the emotional professionals and therapists at any given moment – regarding any problem or request. Each and every convalescent patient at the Center receives an individual emotional/energetic healing treatment, provided by the best professionals. The therapists are present at the Center during regular hours and days and personal tailored treatments are determined for all the convalescent patients while still at the absorption process for recuperation.

In-House Cardiologist: Dr. Ilan Kitzis

The in-house Cardiologist: Dr. Kitzis is a specialist in cardiology and internal medicine: heart valves, cardiac insufficiency and risk factors – obesity and over-weight (a metabolic syndrome). Director of the Heart Rehabilitation and Prevention Center at the Ichilov Hospital (The Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center), Director of the Clinic of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors, Director of the Clinic of Heart Valves and Structural Diseases of the Cardiac Muscle – the Heart Institute at the Ichilov Hospital (The Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center). A specialist in the treatment of risk factors, particularly within the metabolic syndrome field – obesity, blood fats and hypertension. A cardiology consultant at the Cardiac Surgery Department. A community Cardiologist in six clinics pertaining to the Leumit Health Services (HMO). Formerly, Chairman of the Department of Clinical Cardiology in the Community of the Israel Cardiology Society, in charge of the website of the Israel Cardiology Society intended for the general public and Director of the “Gdolot” weight reduction program.

In-House Physician: Dr. Shimon Bar-David

The in-house Physician: Dr. Shimon Bar-David. Has worked for 33 years at the Intensive Care Unit of the Ichilov Hospital (The Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center) and served as Deputy Director of the Department. In recent years, he has been working at the Heart Center as the in-house physician and he performs his work professionally, faithfully and with great devotion.

שושי אחות ראשית

Head Nurse: Shoshi Elyashiv

Head Nurse: Shoshi Elyashiv, possessing an experience of over 15 years in the field. Worked at the Ichilov Hospital (The Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center) during four years and at the Palace Medical Center for 10 years as a departmental charge nurse: in charge of the field of prevention of infections and responsible of risk management.

Shoshi is the Head Nurse at the Heart Center and she performs her work with a big smile, great love and endless devotion.

Laor Paz-Noy-Rosen

Laor began her quest journey when she was a little girl. She aspired to connect to joy and happiness even during more challenging periods in life. She learned art and design at the Holon Institute of Technology, worked as a designer in the cinema and television industry for more than a decade, and then, on a bright clear day, she found the book “The Journey”. Or maybe it found her. And since then, her life never remained the same. She passed the workshops of “The Journey” in Israel and abroad,

 was trained as a therapist who makes use of this Method, continued her studies at the Modern Mystery School in Israel and in London, travelled to India for 3 weeks and embarked on a life-changing journey with Brandon Bays, founder of “The Journey” Method, accompanied by other therapists from all over the world – and then she returned to Israel, a completely different person.

She continued her studies with Dr. Nader Butto, where she acquired another tool called “Energy Wash-Out”, and since then she concocts for every patient the unique treatment that suits him. In her toolbox you will be able to find a vast and opulent variety of tools with which she works, with abundant professionalism and endless love; her strongest and most powerful tool is the uncompromising love she feels for people, for truth and for healing.

The private clinic of Laor is loaded and crammed full with patients who have experienced personal empowerment, physical and mental healing and regard Laor as their savior.

In recent years, she delivers workshops and lecturers within the field of personal healing and empowerment and serves as the in-house therapist of the Heart Center.

She regularly conducts workshops and treatments at Medical Care and she is the tailwind behind this great and amazing mission.

Laor marches forward with passion and vitality – trains people to believe in themselves, in their ability to heal every aspect in their lives – mental or physical, and regain love, passion, happiness and fulfillment!

The therapists comment that Laor’s liveliness, her captivating temperament, the uncompromising professionalism and the confidence she instills in them, enable them to uncover within themselves strengths and fortitudes – to come apart and be built anew.

Nadav Ben Yehuda

In the past, he was an actor in a theatre, he wrote plays and directed shows. At the age of 45, he became ill with acute jaundice whose direct result was fibromyalgia. The signs of the disease were exhaustion, severe body pains, a major depression and anxieties. While writing his latest play, he searched for ways to heal himself: he studied for 4 years traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Shiatsu and Chinese nutrition. He also delved deep into Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism,

 meticulously performed daily exercises comprising prayers, Qigong (Chi Kung), meditation, Tai-Chi and nutrition in order to heal himself, and indeed all of these did work.

He managed to cure himself completely – from the fibromyalgia, the depression, the anxieties and the pains of the body and the soul. Nadav taught at the Reidman College for 9 years as well as at the Mahut College and the Broshim Campus. The main tool he utilizes is called “The Journey” by Brandon Bays. This is a wonderful and exalting tool, intended for identification, treatment, self-care and healing at the deepest levels. Nadav teaches how to take responsibility for self-healing and channel it by means of wonderful tools towards superb results, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Recently, cancer has been found in his body. With the assistance of many years of experience and the many tools he acquired, he succeeded in curing himself. The Oncologist that treated him and examined the pathological findings said: “These tumors seem to be, under the pathology examination, necrosis…as if you underwent chemotherapy” (Nadav did not receive any chemotherapy). Nadav’s world perception states that “If I healed myself, anyone can heal himself! If he has the correct tools and the right guidance”. Nadav grouped together all the healing and growth methods he encountered on the way – into a single complete and comprehensive method.

The patients comment that Nadav’s profound knowledge, vast experience and tolerance captivate them and make them follow him blindly while opening themselves to new surprising worlds.

Rachel Ari

A healing and awareness expansion workshop.

Rachel has always loved to investigate and explore life. A well-balanced diet, sports and studying constituted part of her life, ever since she can remember. Rachel believes in the healing power of the body and she made use of natural medicine during her adolescence as well. She understood the importance of relationships in families, intimate relations and life, yet her real breakthrough occurred when she focused on the importance of her own

 relationship with herself. Rachel learned philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as well as production and cinema at the College of Management.

She stayed for many years in the USA where she performed investigative stories for NBC and focused on awareness studies and Oriental treatment methods, Shiatsu and Tai Chi. Upon her return to Israel, her desire to improve and expand the awareness led her to the training course of therapists of “The Journey” as well as towards additional studies of Theta-Healing, metaphysics of Ilana Rogel and positive thinking. Rachel strives to instigate an essential change in the lives of other people and lead them to a better place within themselves. At the Heart Center, Rachel conducts group workshops. Her experience has shown her that a sharing circle constitutes a great opening for burning issues that are raised by the convalescent patients themselves and interests all of them. In her workshops, she expands the conversation regarding the awareness of the self, the emotions – as an integral part of healing, reagrding nutrition, physical activity and exercises, the patients’ stay as an opportunity for healing, provides an overview of life in a race – where do we forget ourselves, learning to take responsibility over what we can, over breathing, meditation etc… During the second half of the workshop, she conducts a meditation session of guided imagery and teaches the patients how to breath correctly.

The workshop’s participants comment that Rachel’s inner silence, the vast knowledge she has accumulated and her love of humans are evident at every meeting carried out with her. The patients emerge from the sharing workshop with renewed strengths and mental relaxation.

לרשות המחלים

  • קרדיולוג המחלקה במעקב יומי (בלעדי למרכז הלב)
  • בדיקה יומיומית על-ידי רופא המחלקה
  • צוות אחיות מוסמך, מיומן וזמין 24/7
  • טיפול ואיזון תרופתי ככל שנדרש
  • ניטור מדדים ומצב המחלים במהלך כל שעות היום
  • סיוע ותמיכה רגשית על ידי מיטב המטפלים (בלעדי למרכז הלב)
  • סדנאות הפותחות בפני המחלים צוהר לעולם תוכן חדש, משפר אורח חיים ומאיץ תהליכי
    השתקמות (ייחודי למרכז הלב)
  • הרצאות במגוון נושאים, שיכוונו את המטופל לשינוי תפיסת-עולמו ולבחירה מכוונת באורח חיים בריא
  • התעמלות שיקומית יומית
  • חיבור למוקד רפואה דחופה בכל זמן נתון (מוניטור)

להתרשמות מהתוכנית הענפה, לחץ כאן

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