The Diverse Treatments Offered

“The Journey” – A Therapy Method by Brandon Bays

A healing method that effectively exposes the root of the problem and not only its symptoms and/or results, and thus it can assist in generating a total absolute solution for the problem.

The Journey operates at the deepest level of awareness and it exposes the deep truth concealed within us. This is a very powerful work of healing and process of change, that have the ability and the power to stimulate the infinite wisdom of the human body, to discern the thinking and behavioral patterns that manage our lives as well as the old memories stored within our bodies – the ones we embraced as a result of the emotional and physical experiences we have experienced.

“The Journey” releases mental blocks that were created by daily experiences and traumas, memories that are stored at cell level, and enables release, healing, attaining serenity and love, which is the essence of our being. The technique of “The Journey” subsists at an international scale and it modifies the perception of healing/connection between the body and the soul. It constitutes a life-shaping and life-changing experience, which assists in the performance of a powerful and structured process on hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world, identifies anew the internal power, relieves physical diseases, blocked traumas, affixed patterns, jammed habits, delayed thoughts, as well as empowers the soul and expands the spirit.   

The whole process is carried out by means of guided imagery and it is considered one of the most powerful and empowering processes that exist for the purpose of personal release and healing.


Energy Wash-Out

This therapy method, which was developed by Dr. Nader Butto, is based on a therapeutic technique called “Energy Wash-Out”. Dr. Nader Butto is a senior cardiologist and catheterization specialist at the Rabin Medical Center. His therapy method emphasizes the deep connection between the patient’s physical body and his soul. By means of this technique, the patients can be released from experiences and traumas they have experienced during their childhood, which remained blocked and inaccessible, and thus unload their present adversities. The Energy Wash-Out clearly and significantly defines the connection between mental crisis and an injured organ and its objective is to renew the flow of life by opening the energy centers (chakras) and pouring energy along the entire length of the body’s organs. During the Wash-Out process, emotional energy is released, expressed in the form of crying, shouting and laughing until the appearance of an uncontrollable quiver, which indicates the transfer of vital energy throughout the body. This unique technique is designated to prevent the accumulation of stress throughout the body, to enable your body to recharge and thus award a sensation of release, health and fortitude.


A spiritual philosophy and physical-spiritual training that originate from Hindu thinking theories.

The significance of the word “Yoga” is to unite, to join, to focus the attention and to implement. This refers to the union between the awareness and the spiritual self – a state in which the senses converge inward (they are not disturbed by external stimuli) and where there are no thoughts that distract the attention. According to the Yoga philosophy, our consciousness (mind) is calm and relaxed and we are able to meet the soul and experience eternal serenity. 

The Yoga workshop is suited for convalescent cardiac patients and it exposes them to the method’s secrets and to its expanding movements.



A training method intended for the brain, the body and the soul, allowing to clean oneself from restricting beliefs, to live a life full of positive thoughts and to develop the virtues in everything we do, by means of meditation and prayer. A development and treatment method, practical and precise, in which, by connecting to Theta waves and to higher energies, one can remove blocks from his subconscious mind and create a real change in life, a change in his reality, an emotional and health change. 

The healing process of the Theta-Healing method begins with identifying beliefs and restricting emotions and replacing them in a simple manner.


Meditation = Introspection

An introspection method, or thoughts with no analysis, or a body-soul-spirit connection, usually, without any material purpose. It can also be a strategy for carrying out self-actions in the human body and soul. As a result of practicing these techniques, a person’s state of consciousness changes with respect to his common states of consciousness, during daily behavior and activities,

The patients experience meditation as part of their rehabilitation process. Within a deep relaxation, they learn to pay attention to sensations, feelings and to anything that rises and simply be present, without being judgmental and exhibiting criticism. In this manner, they receive a training tool for life that allows them to contend with stress and discomfort.


לרשות המחלים

  • קרדיולוג המחלקה במעקב יומי (בלעדי למרכז הלב)
  • בדיקה יומיומית על-ידי רופא המחלקה
  • צוות אחיות מוסמך, מיומן וזמין 24/7
  • טיפול ואיזון תרופתי ככל שנדרש
  • ניטור מדדים ומצב המחלים במהלך כל שעות היום
  • סיוע ותמיכה רגשית על ידי מיטב המטפלים (בלעדי למרכז הלב)
  • סדנאות הפותחות בפני המחלים צוהר לעולם תוכן חדש, משפר אורח חיים ומאיץ תהליכי
    השתקמות (ייחודי למרכז הלב)
  • הרצאות במגוון נושאים, שיכוונו את המטופל לשינוי תפיסת-עולמו ולבחירה מכוונת באורח חיים בריא
  • התעמלות שיקומית יומית
  • חיבור למוקד רפואה דחופה בכל זמן נתון (מוניטור)

להתרשמות מהתוכנית הענפה, לחץ כאן

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