The Body and Soul Program

All treatments are free of charge, including private treatments

The recuperation at the Heart Center may save your life!

The Importance of Recuperation

At the Heart Center, we labor uniquely and exclusively in order to reduce the risk generators that cause additional cardiac events, to provide tools that release the fear, the traumas and the stress generators extant in the body.
Individual and emotional therapies, practical tools for the release of inhibitions, sleep disorders, fears, concerns and additional accompanying symptoms are available at the convalescent patient’s disposal at the Heart Center.

The Physiological Medical Aspect

Daily visit by the Department’s physician.

During the examination, the convalescent patient’s condition is examined, vital signs are measured, response to medications is tested, the development of side effects, examination of the lungs and fluids in the lungs (pulmonary edema) as required, and a close follow-up and supervision are carried out in order to prevent secondary complications.

Close Treatment by the Department’s Nurses
A 24/7 medical treatment provided by the Center’s nurses who take care of the surgical wounds, examine important vital signs such as blood pressure, EKG (Electrocardiography) – in order to allow an optimal recuperation from the surgery.

Close Cardiac Supervision

Dr. Ilan Kitzis, a cardiac rehabilitation specialist, supervises and follows the recuperation process of the convalescent patients, diagnoses their reactions to medications, checks the existence of side effects and provides advice for the continued rehabilitation processes.

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy
Medical gymnastics supports the rehabilitation processes. Daily group activities comprising respiratory physiotherapy, Qigong (Chi Kung), respiratory yoga and meditation for relaxation. Convalescent patients who suffer from pulmonary edema and breathing difficulties receive individual treatments intended for training the lungs and achieving respiratory relief.

A Vast Variety of Lectures
Conducted daily by: the Department’s Cardiologist, sexuality counselors, nutrition counselors and social workers. These lectures provide a vital perspective to understanding the body in the physical, nutritional, mental and emotional aspects. Through the conversation, the convalescent patients are exposed to patterns, fixations and habits that are harmful to their health and they equip themselves with tools and knowledge that will enable them to instigate a significant change in their lives and improve their health.

Nutritional Follow-Up and Supervision
Personal nutritional consultancy by a professional nurse and/or a naturopath, with an emphasis on cardiac, diabetic and high cholesterol patients. Formation of a personal menu in accordance with the convalescent patient’s condition and recommendations for further healthy living.

The Emotional Aspect

Individual emotional and energy treatments for all the convalescent patients, provided by psychotherapists and emotional holistic therapists using diverse methods. These treatments are designated to provide the convalescent patients with emotional healing intended for their pains. During the treatments, the convalescent patients release fears, traumas, past emotional baggage and emotional pains trapped within their bodies. The emotional healing enables the convalescent patients to reconnect with themselves, to the internal spark within them and to the healing powers of the body.

Reconnecting to Life
Group training in daily empowerment workshops intended for returning back to life.
Internal happiness, emotional tools for life, the release of stress and fears, meditation and Qigong (Chi Kung) (gymnastics for the soul). The workshops provide life-changing tools, awareness of the emotions within us, of the connection with ourselves, connection to the family and the immediate surroundings.

Love Who We Are
The experience at the Heart Center empowers and connects the convalescent patient to the powers within him. The convalescent patients undergo a personal exciting journey that connects them to the love existent within them, to the significance of life and to the enormous gift that was awarded to them.

לרשות המחלים

  • קרדיולוג המחלקה במעקב יומי (בלעדי למרכז הלב)
  • בדיקה יומיומית על-ידי רופא המחלקה
  • צוות אחיות מוסמך, מיומן וזמין 24/7
  • טיפול ואיזון תרופתי ככל שנדרש
  • ניטור מדדים ומצב המחלים במהלך כל שעות היום
  • סיוע ותמיכה רגשית על ידי מיטב המטפלים (בלעדי למרכז הלב)
  • סדנאות הפותחות בפני המחלים צוהר לעולם תוכן חדש, משפר אורח חיים ומאיץ תהליכי
    השתקמות (ייחודי למרכז הלב)
  • הרצאות במגוון נושאים, שיכוונו את המטופל לשינוי תפיסת-עולמו ולבחירה מכוונת באורח חיים בריא
  • התעמלות שיקומית יומית
  • חיבור למוקד רפואה דחופה בכל זמן נתון (מוניטור)

להתרשמות מהתוכנית הענפה, לחץ כאן

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