General Information

Separate Wings

The Heart Center comprises two separate wings: for independent patients who underwent a cardiac event and for patients who require physical assistance.

Extending your Stay

As part of the supplementary insurances provided by the HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organization), you are entitled to extend your recuperation period by paying only the policyholder’s participation fee and continue your healing and learning process, the one you have already started during the first five days of your stay.

Additional days at the Heart Center, as well additional encounters with the therapists, will strengthen and deepen the experience you underwent. These supplementary days will also allow processing time, relaxation and further insights and you may even acquire a variety of supplemental tools and options intended for healing and contending with diverse existent problems and issues.


The healing process at the Heart Center constitutes an opportunity for rest and relaxation.

Particularly on the first day, the convalescent patients are confused and fatigued from the hospitalization and the road they traversed, and in order to support the healing process, it is important to relax well and go to sleep early. After a personal therapy, we highly recommend to relax and process the experience you underwent. It is recommended to avoid making further plans for the evenings during these days, watch less television and talk as little as possible on the mobile phone – this way, you will allow the process to assimilate within you in the best manner possible.

Likewise, we recommend that you refrain from conducting unnecessary conversations on your mobile phone during the recess times of the workshop and try to ensure that your presence is silent.

Special Needs

Convalescent patients that arrive to the Heart Center and have special needs, disabilities or difficulties, please contact us for further consultation and provision of solutions (patients with diabetes, celiac disease, any types of sensitivities or allergies, physical disabilities, background diseases etc.).

Upon your arrival to the Heart Center, please equip yourself with the following:

  • A certificate of identification.
  • Hospitalization summary: recent blood test results and an electrocardiography (recent EKG).
  • Medications for the recuperation period in original packagings, as they were supplied by the pharmacy: the Heart Center does not supply medications, the patients must bring along all their regular medications, according to the recommendations in their release letters.
  • Personal medical equipment as required, such as a glucose meter.
  • Personal equipment: comfortable clothes, training shoes, toiletries.
  • Elastic bandages and a chest belt, if required.

Arrival and Discharge Times

Room check-in commences at 13:00 until 17:00.

Please coordinate your time of arrival with the front office so we are able to place at your disposal the optimal service, and in certain cases, to prepone your check-in time. Room check-out – until 10:00.

Important Phone Numbers

Admission and appointment coordination: 03-5008811

Nurse’s phone at the recuperation center: 03-5008855

Address and arrival routes:

13 Aba Berdichev St., Bat-Yam

Parking lot for the convalescent patients: 13 Aba Berdichev St., Bat-Yam

It is necessary to coordinate your entry into the parking lot with the front office and provide the vehicle registration plate to the parking lot’s computerized system.

לרשות המחלים

  • קרדיולוג המחלקה במעקב יומי (בלעדי למרכז הלב)
  • בדיקה יומיומית על-ידי רופא המחלקה
  • צוות אחיות מוסמך, מיומן וזמין 24/7
  • טיפול ואיזון תרופתי ככל שנדרש
  • ניטור מדדים ומצב המחלים במהלך כל שעות היום
  • סיוע ותמיכה רגשית על ידי מיטב המטפלים (בלעדי למרכז הלב)
  • סדנאות הפותחות בפני המחלים צוהר לעולם תוכן חדש, משפר אורח חיים ומאיץ תהליכי
    השתקמות (ייחודי למרכז הלב)
  • הרצאות במגוון נושאים, שיכוונו את המטופל לשינוי תפיסת-עולמו ולבחירה מכוונת באורח חיים בריא
  • התעמלות שיקומית יומית
  • חיבור למוקד רפואה דחופה בכל זמן נתון (מוניטור)

להתרשמות מהתוכנית הענפה, לחץ כאן

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