An address by the Medical Director

An address by the Medical Director, Dr. Ilan Kitzis, Cardiologist Specialist and Director of the Rehabilitation Department at the Ichilov Hospital (The Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center).

“The Medical Care Heart Center provides a unique and exclusive program that refers to all the aspects of the human body, commencing with the physiological aspects and ending with the emotional aspects. The Heart Center constitutes a unique gem, both from the medical aspect and the emotional holistic aspect.

For the first time in Israel, an extensive, comprehensive and qualitative program is exhibited, offering the convalescent cardiac patient a platform that benefits and improves his general health and does not involve any extra charge. After the surgical operation, the human body is weak and requires rest.

The medical team, under my supervision, frequently examines the patient’s condition, ensuring that his body does not develop any signs of complications and that there is no deterioration in his condition”. 

A holistic body and soul recuperation process is based on medical supervision as well as on mental and emotional therapies. As part of the exclusive program at the Medical Care Heart Center, we assist the convalescent patients to release mental and emotional pressures emanating from the disquieting and unnerving experience they have experienced and the fear of suffering from another cardiac event.

These fears and sensations nest in the body and create a chronic pressure that constitutes a catalyst for the next event.

It is important to identify, diagnose and treat these factors. It is also important to meticulously carry out frequent examinations in order to reflect the patient’s condition, ensure the success of the surgical operation and prevent deterioration and secondary complications.

The fundamental parts of the program:

  • Close supervision and follow-up by the Department’s cardiologist (exclusive to the Heart Center).
  • Daily examination by the Department’s physician.
  • A qualified skilled nursing staff, available 24/7.
  • Medicinal balance and treatment as required.
  • Monitoring vital signs and the patient’s condition throughout the day.
  • Emotional assistance and support by the best caregivers and therapists (exclusive to the Heart Center).
  • Workshops that open for the convalescent patient a small window to a new world of content, which will improve his lifestyle and accelerate his rehabilitation processes (exclusive to the Heart Center).
  • Lectures on a variety of subjects, that will direct the patient to modify his world perception and deliberately choose a healthy way of life.
  • Daily rehabilitative gymnastics.
  • Emergency medical hotline connection at any given time.

לרשות המחלים

  • קרדיולוג המחלקה במעקב יומי (בלעדי למרכז הלב)
  • בדיקה יומיומית על-ידי רופא המחלקה
  • צוות אחיות מוסמך, מיומן וזמין 24/7
  • טיפול ואיזון תרופתי ככל שנדרש
  • ניטור מדדים ומצב המחלים במהלך כל שעות היום
  • סיוע ותמיכה רגשית על ידי מיטב המטפלים (בלעדי למרכז הלב)
  • סדנאות הפותחות בפני המחלים צוהר לעולם תוכן חדש, משפר אורח חיים ומאיץ תהליכי
    השתקמות (ייחודי למרכז הלב)
  • הרצאות במגוון נושאים, שיכוונו את המטופל לשינוי תפיסת-עולמו ולבחירה מכוונת באורח חיים בריא
  • התעמלות שיקומית יומית
  • חיבור למוקד רפואה דחופה בכל זמן נתון (מוניטור)

להתרשמות מהתוכנית הענפה, לחץ כאן

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